7 Beasts Martial Arts

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7 Beasts Martial Arts teaches Northern Shou' Shu' in the Sacramento, California area, continuing the art as originally taught by Da'Shifu Al Moore, Sr. (pictured at upper right). The art of Shou' Shu' is purely a self defense system that utilizes principles of physics to create power. This means that the system is perfect for any body type: tall, short, younger or older, fit or not; everyone can benefit from Shou' Shu'. The techniques & forms learned in Shou' Shu' progressively tone the body & mind.

The experience at 7 Beasts Martial Arts is made unique by focusing on private lessons for every adult student. By having individualized lessons that are specialized for each student as well as group classes, students will be able to progress at a pace appropriate for them.

All of our private and group lessons are taught by certified instructors, so you know you are getting the best training every time you come into the studio.

Our studio is open from 4pm to 9pm Monday thru Friday.

Come in today and see why people are calling this system the most complete Self Defense Martial Art out there.

Things that make our studio different from others.

  • All group classes are taught by a Black Belt
  • All adult students get private lessons every week
  • Group classes for all ages and skill levels
  • All instructors are certified


7 Beasts Martial Arts is focused on training students in Self Defense using the principles of the 7 Beasts:

  • Bear - (Xioung)
  • Tiger - (Fu)
  • Mongoose - (Yon)
  • Preying Mantis - (Tang Lang)
  • Crane - (Bai He')
  • Cobra - (Bō Yǎn Shé)
  • Dragon - (Long)